Samsung Young 2 (SM-G130NH) - lost too much time trying to root this - help

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Jul 21, 2016, 6:21:41 PM via Website

Hello everyone!

It has been some difficult 24 hours for me since I decided to root my phone. The stupid reason? I want to play Pokemon Go on it and this model has only 512 MB RAM so after a bit of searching I stumbled upon some tutorials on how to use SD card memory as RAM memory and I thought I'd give it a shot. Basic requirement was for the phone to be rooted.

The search of the root file for my device was a bit of a problem. I thought I had founded it, used Odin 3.11 to download it on my device, but it got stuck in downloading mode and I had to restore it via Kies.

After some further searching I came to understand that PDA, AP, CSC and kernel version might need to match and I found the root file that seems to be the ideal for my phone. In details:

My phone's "magic codes" are:

  • Model: SM-G130HN
  • Android: 4.4.2
  • *Baseband version: G130HNXXU0AOG1
  • Kernel version: 3.10.17-5761229 dpi@SWHD7516 #2
  • *Build number: KOT49H.G130HNXXU0AOI3

*My phone is in Greek and Google translate comes up with these descriptions for these. But they are in the order as they appear in device information in Settings.

Also, the *#1234# code showed:

And look at this:
Model SM-G130HN
Model name GALAXY YOUNG2
Country Nordic countries
Version Android 4.4.2
Changelist 5761229
Build date Wed, 09 Sep 2015 04:44:41 +0000
Security Patch Level N/A
Product code NEE
(found @, file name G130HNXXU0AOI3_G130HNNEE0AOI2_G130HNXXU0AOG1_HOME.tar.md5)

Isn't it the exact match?? So I downloaded it and I used Odin 3.09 this time since it was the one mostly recommended for my device. The log went as follows:

<ID:0/003> Added!!
<OSM> Enter CS for MD5..
<OSM> Check MD5.. Do not unplug the cable..
<OSM> Please wait..
<OSM> G130HNXXU0AOI3_G130HNNEE0AOI2_G130HNXXU0AOG1_HOME.tar.md5 is valid.
<OSM> Checking MD5 finished Sucessfully..
<OSM> Leave CS..
<ID:0/003> Odin v.3 engine (ID:3)..
<ID:0/003> File analysis..
<ID:0/003> SetupConnection..
<ID:0/003> Initialzation..
<ID:0/003> Get PIT for mapping..
<ID:0/003> Firmware update start..
<ID:0/003> spl.img
<ID:0/003> NAND Write Start!! 
<ID:0/003> sboot.bin
<ID:0/003> sboot2.bin
<ID:0/003> boot.img
<ID:0/003> recovery.img
<ID:0/003> system.img
<ID:0/003> SPRDCP.img
<ID:0/003> SPRDDSP.img
<ID:0/003> cache.img
<ID:0/003> hidden.img
<ID:0/003> RQT_CLOSE !!
<ID:0/003> RES OK !!
<ID:0/003> Removed!!
<ID:0/003> Remain Port ....  0 
<OSM> All threads completed. (succeed 1 / failed 0)

I tried to verify root using Root Checker Basic app but it says that root access is not properly installed on my device. So in the end it FAILED.

The main reason why I post this: it is obvious I am new in Android rooting and tooting and I wasted a lot of time on this already.
What I expect from someone who would like to help: to propose root file and Odin version combo, or even another program, that will surely WON'T brick my device again.

If my pc has anything to do with all this, I am on Windows 10 x32.

Thank you everyone in advance!

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