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Jun 28, 2016, 2:47:29 PM via Website

I am looking for an app, but I have no idea what it is called or even how to search for it, generically.

I have a Droid MAXX, a VR headset (Cardboard compatible) and a gamepad, which I can use as a mouse pointer to control the phone.

I downloaded an app called "Fulldive", which has a feature similar to what I want.

In Fulldive, I can look at a YouTube video as if on a large screen in a movie theater.
This feature uses "360 VR", so I have little, if any control over where the screen appears in my view.

What I want is an app which is able to present the "full-screen" view, but in a static location.
This means that turning my head will NOT affect what I see.

A nice feature to have would be the ability to go into other "modes":
- a "get out of the way" mode for content which was already meant for Cardboard
- several "conversion" modes for content which is 3D or VR, but not necessarily for Cardboard. This might include
- SBS videos which use different projections
- "above and below" videos (top and bottom?)
- various fullscreen 3D formats such as might be shown on HBO or Netflix, etc.
- would it be possible for the app to detect these modes and adjust automatically?

Thanks in advance; any help will be appreciated.

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