LG G3 Cat.6 — Link2SD: mounting /dev/block/vold/179:66 on /data/sdext2 failed: No such file or directory

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Jun 18, 2016, 9:36:53 AM via Website

Hallo, I read a lot, but can't find any solution so far.

I have a rooted LG G3 D855 with android 6.0.1 Resurrection Remix 5.6.7.

The problem is link2sd don't recognize the ext4 partion on the SD card and as soon I reboot, Marshmallow format partion as portable storage, and I need to start over again creating a second ext4 partion.

Started with MiniTool Partition to create two partions (FAT32 and ext4) on my SD card. Installed link2sd + and started the app, but the error: "mounting /dev/block/vold/179:66 on /data/sdext2 failed: No such file or directory"

Than I found this site blog.sam.liddicott.com/2016/02/android-6-semi-adopted-storage and could do as told with ADB to create a mixed volume of 75%, but the other 25% was not approachable for link2SD, and still got the same error.

Than I found this: blog.icefusion.co.uk/cyanogenmod-and-link2sd Started to test init.d which was working, but than tried to create the mentioned script and that is a little over my hat, because I'm bit noob about writing Linux. So I just copy/paste but got an error. So that didn't work out. I don't how to create a script to put in etc/init.d, if so this solve the problem.

In the meanwhile I try to find an easier solution to this problem, from which I don't think I'm the only one.

May here someone to know to solve this??? I will be greatfull. Thanx

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Oct 16, 2016, 7:12:31 AM via Website

Boa noite! Faça como mostra este video que da certo! www.youtube.com/watch?v=ewgV3Ty9Bnw
Espero que funcione para você. Para mim deu certo. Valeu!