Truck Challenge: Hill Climb 3D

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May 30, 2016, 2:50:03 PM via Website

Truck Challenge: Hill Climb 3D
In Truck Challenge: Hill Climb 3D game, drive and park your loaded transport truck in the sky high paths. Your challenge is to control your transport truck and climb on unique high uphill environments. Play realistic truck driving and truck parking art and be a realistic truck driver in this unique truck driving and hill climbing challenge. Travel over the tricky lanes with your loaded cargo transport truck! forget other ordinary truck driving games or truck parking games try our of truck driving simulator challenge. Cross the hurdles with sharp turns then go to your destination to unlock the next level. Steep paths are really dangerous, so there is no chance of mistake otherwise you will fall down from the sky high platform in this truck driving simulator and truck parking challenge game. Discover the realistic truck driving adventure in the blend of loaded transport games and truck driving simulator games. Your main mission in this hill climbing and truck driving challenge is to transport all luggage without any damage and park carefully to the destination. There are so many obstacles on the dodgy ways so drive and park truck carefully in this truck parking simulator game. You played lots of hill climbing and truck driver games or truck parking games but this art of truck climb challenge is far different.
Extreme hill climb, driving could be very dangerous to drive the cargo truck in thrilling sky high tricky paths. Be a skilled truck driver, avoid your transport truck from obstacles and park it on the end point of the level. You have limited time to complete the task of truck parking . Turn your vehicle smartly without any damage. The unexpected hurdles, speed breakers and sharp turns will give you realistic hill climbing and truck driving experience. Start your transport truck and take this transport challenge to climb on 3D high paths and park with unloading like professional trucker driver. All you have to do is to load your cargo transport with different heavy stuff and go carefully on slippery and sharp ways with professional truck parking skills, but be very aware from hurdles and steep paths. Focus on your speed and timing because you must reach to the destination before time to unlock the next level.

Game features:-
1. Amazing 3d Environments and smooth transport truck driver game play.
2. Different camera angles for maximum control.
3. Realistic HD uphill graphics and realistic truck game sound.
4. 10 challenging levels.
5. You have limited time to complete your challenge.

Download climb truck driving challenge game and discover real driving adventure with transporter truck also enjoy the hill climbing and truck parking experience on dangerous curvy paths. Before take this challenge keep in mind about to manage the timing and transport truck speed.

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Alinabatool Khan