Mystery Tales The Book of Evil

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May 12, 2016, 2:05:44 PM via Website

Mystery Puzzle Adventure Point and Click Adventure Game......


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May 14, 2016, 9:39:13 AM via Website

This puzzle escape quest is all about the book.Which is an evil book and has evil verses. If some one recites these verses can acquire black powers.A professor has stolen the book from monastery and you have to find out the book and put it back on its real place.Play this detective game and make investigation through eerie room of horror mansion. You will have to point and click the room in the house to find the hidden mystery and solve the crime case of mystery. Go through all the room of horror manor and escape.


  • point and click game.
  • game with 3d graphics.
  • different awesome, splendid and worth seeing locations.
  • mystery game or hidden mystery game.
  • play as a detective.
  • multiple puzzles and adventure.
  • resolve the puzzles to go a head.
  • beautiful music and sfx included.
  • long game play with nice adventure.
  • mind storming and challenging puzzles.
  • unfold the mystery and resolve the game.
  • logical puzzles and game play.
  • nice game play.
  • addictive and brain teasing game design.

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