Balloon Bash (Game) pop balloons, collect falling gems and pickups

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May 1, 2016, 10:12:37 AM via Website


Balloon Bash runs on any android device that runs 4.1 or later. The idea of the game is to pop balloons and collect the falling gems and pickups to eliminate the number of gems on the left of the screen before the timer runs out. There are also grey balloons which take two hits, one to change the colour and another to pop it. Accidentally hitting black balloons will result in numerous things happening that you don't want such as turning the gems grey, speeding the balloons up, turning all balloons grey, deducting points, making gems clear and more. Every now and again a fast balloon will fly down the screen, hitting this will gain you 5000 points. There are three different bonus stages which appear randomly after every two levels completed. The more levels completed the faster the time goes down and the faster the gems fall. There is in game stars which will build up the more you play the game and a shop to spend them in where you can up the number related to your pickups (ten pickups in total which are all available from the start of the game). The aim of the game is to get the highest score. Also has online leader board.

Any reviews are welcome good or bad.

Download at Google play.
Balloon Bash by JMcKeand