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Apr 20, 2016, 8:15:06 PM via Website

Hey people,
Couple weeks back I had to spend like 6 hours in a train so I thought I might as well not loose this time and do something productive.
I've created a website for my cousin's company a while back(which I now regret because she's making me update her website couple times a week, for free of course because she's family), so when my cousin asked me to do some changes to that web page I thought hell I'll try make these changes on my phone(temporarily I couldn't access my laptop).
I downloaded couple apps because I knew I would have no internet connection on the train, and thought that I will find something that is good enough for my couple changes.
The website editors I downloaded weren't bad but they were a bit confusing and looked old(grey old-looking user interface).
I also wanted to have a feature that would let me click on an html element and then edit it, which unfortunately I haven't found in the website editors I've downloaded.
Then I decided to write my own html editor application. Because I have some background in android I thought I shouldn't be too difficult(I was wrong about that).
So there I've made an material design Html Editor which I think is really easy to use and has a simple clean UI. App also has a feature that I've mentioned before, it allows you to tap on the html element to edit it(app will display html code behind it and allow you to modify it). I've only released it yesterday so could I ask you guys about your opinion? I'm a bit curious about what others think of it. Here is the link to google play:



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