How to increase the video upload size on whatsapp?

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Apr 12, 2016, 9:27:09 AM via Website

I want to increase the video upload size on my whatsapp, so i upload a video that is above the 16MB limit please how do i go about this. I use an
itel_it1503 and when I installed cheat droid root browser, I got an info that my phone does not allow root access. However I can connect my phone to my computer through the usb port. Is there anyway to get this done?
Thank you

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Apr 12, 2016, 4:07:56 PM via Website


I could't find any way that can increase video size limit without using root permissions...

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Apr 13, 2016, 3:04:53 AM via Website

I just downloaded and installed Kingroot v4.8.5 APK because I learnt it can root my phone. Now that I have installed it. Please what next. Thanks

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Apr 13, 2016, 4:20:10 AM via Website

Install root explorer
Open the folder data >> data >> com.whatsapp >> shared_prefs folder >> edit the file com.whatsapp_prefrences.xml
Search change 16 to something else. it can only work some time

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Apr 14, 2016, 3:31:50 PM via Website

Follow this procedure

Choose Root Browser by JRummy App Inc > Make sure you are logged into Whatsapp > Open the Root Browser app > please grantpermission to Root Browser > Open data and press data > Now, browse for com.whatsapp folder and open it, then open the shared_prefs folder, in which you’ll find the whatsapp_preferences.xml file > Long press on it. Afterwards press Open with > A list will appear of given programs > Select RB Text Editor from the list > The file will be opened with the text editor > Now, after you opened the file, search for this line: , by using the text editor, change the value of 16 to your desired value > Take note that the value must be replaced in MBs and it should be of maximum of 2048 MB > Save and exit the file > Afterwards, reboot your smarthphone once and enjoy sharing files.

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Jan 16, 2018, 2:51:04 PM via Website

Before you begin:
There are two things that you should keep in mind, the device needs to be rooted so it can open the file and edit it and a root explorer with text editor is required. For this we’d recommend Root Browser By Jrummy. Apps. So lets start.

  1. WhatsApp should be installed and the user should be logged in.

  2. Open the Root Browser app.

  3. Grant Root permission when the message prompts.

  4. Open ‘data’ and press ‘data’ again.

  5. Open the ‘com.WhatsApp’ folder then the ‘shared_prefs’ folder. Here you will find the main file by the name of ‘com.WhatsApp_prefrences.xml’.

  6. Long tap on ‘com.WhatsApp_prefrences’ and press Open with.

  7. From the list of given apps, open RB Text Editor.

  8. You will see the file opened with the text editor.

  9. Now you must find these key words from the text provided.

  1. Now change the number 16 to your desired value.

  2. The numbers replaced are in MBs and should be set to the maximum of 2048.

  3. Now you should save and exit the file.

  4. Reboot your device on time and enjoy increased file sharing.

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Feb 13, 2018, 2:08:29 AM via Website

Search for:

int name="media_limit_mb" value="16" /

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