How do YOU take notes?

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Apr 11, 2016, 4:17:41 PM via Website

My Windows phone came with OneNote on it, and I'd already used it for a handful of random little notes - checklists and things - so figured I should download it for my newer Galaxy Note 10.1 too. But it's gradually dawned on me that since it already had Evernote and S Notes - which I never really bothered with, yet - should I make use of those too, or instead? Looking online, I saw they're all useful for slightly different things, but I was pretty much awestruck by the sheer organisational and productivity abilities they all have, that I never realised.
Trouble is, a lot of the comparisons kept mentioning them in the context of business or office networking, and memos, which - cut a long story short - is not my situation. I get the feeling I'm not in the main demographic. Should I be content, just jotting down 'milk... bread... bananas...' every so often? Are there other ways I can use them to make daily life a little easier, or even fun, even if I'm not closing deals and rushing to meetings? Or writing articles for online magazines, or blogging, or what have you.
I'm genuinely interested to hear about the different ways others make use of these three - OneNote, Evernote, or S Notes - or similar apps. What do you use them for?

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Apr 18, 2016, 12:49:25 AM via Website

So, addressed to no-one in particular: a noob's view of digital note-taking.

S Note was put away almost immediately. The representations of physical notebooks are attractive, but the pages of those books are not. Oversized, chunky lines and text. It seems like it'd look better on a smaller phone screen, but it looks almost childish on a tablet. Plus, it's a bit limited for syncing across devices and platforms.*

Playing about with OneNote and Evernote apps for a few days, I'm still undecided. I prefer the somewhat cleaner, simpler, more customisable look of OneNote (All that neon green in Evernote is a bit dazzling, at least) and ON's start badge over EN's simple/quick note. I'd say EN's native handwriting integration is better, but as ON works almost seamlessly with my Galaxy Note 10.1's S-pen functions, they're about on par in that area. (It's kinda dependent on just so having a Note device in the first place, but that's what I do have, so meh) EN's webclipping is far superior to ON's mere saving of URLs, but I haven't yet figured out or run into a situation where I'd personally want to save an entire webpage, complete with clickable links; and I can share images to ON, or, again, the S-pen's smart select function can be shared with ON pretty easily. Still, it seems a little premature to ditch EN at this point, after a week. Especially for the reason of being slightly better at that.

*Might be a moot point for me. Notes taken on my tablet sync to ON and EN on my Lumia 1020 phone, but content shared from my phone's IE browser to ON are saved on the phone's notebook, rather than a OneDrive notebook, and can't be moved any more elegantly than cutting and pasting the text content. IE won't share with EN at all! And I enjoy the Note 10.1 so much I'm thinking of switching to a Note 4, soon...

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Jul 22, 2016, 3:19:20 AM via Website

I use Todoist or just the plain old notes app in my Galaxy.

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Jul 26, 2016, 5:29:40 PM via Website

I use ever-note , i have created an account whenever i change my phone, i login to my account and my note get synced.


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Aug 16, 2016, 11:04:55 AM via Website

I agree! Evernote good app! Try it too! (cool)

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