Why do mobile phone makers hate the UK?

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Apr 11, 2016, 12:58:08 PM via Website

I am really starting to think mobile phone makers seem to think the UK is some kind of backwater village which doesn't need any decent phones.

I have a Nexus 5 and while I love the phone, after over 2 years of ownership, the battery is starting to really suffer, it has scratches and dents and I am plain bored of it, also it is starting to show its age with some games. So I started looking for a new phone end of last year.

The Nexus 5x was a bit of a disappointment and not a phone I'd like to commit to for 2 years.
The Nexus 6P is pot ugly to my eyes and as I play a LOT of games on my phone and am not the most careful with my devices either, I didn't want to risk screen burn and it also seems very fragile.

So for the first time in 7 years I am looking for a non-nexus phone.....

Along comes the LG V10 - it has everything I want in a phone. I like the size, the software, the look, the dual screens, the camera and it is also pretty much drop proof. I eagerly await the release date in the UK....only to be told that the V10 is released everywhere, but not in the UK. WTF??? Why????

Nothing else on the market interests me...so I resign myself to buying a power bank and awaiting the new line-up of Nexus phones in autumn. Looked at the S7 edge, beautiful, but way too expensive. So I thought maybe the S6 Edge, should be cheaper now, since the S7 came out? Hahah, nope, still costs more than what I am willing to pay monthly, actually is only £4 cheaper per month than the S7 and I refuse to pay that much for an outdated phone. The G5 is just plain ugly and alos too expensive for me. I guess I got spoiled by having great specs for a low price via the Nexus 5.

Then I see the release of the Huawei P9..... it is beautiful, looks very nicely built, is reasonably priced and comes in nice colours...I am sold.....until I find out, that the UK may never get the P9+, and even if we do, the P9 and P9+ will only ever be available in silver or grey here, none of the other 3 colours..... WTF???? Are we not worthy of these colours? Why does the UK not get these, but Germany and Holland do? While researching the P9 I come across the Huawei Mate 8 in Moccha Brown....wow, that actually looks amazing, especially with the right kind of theme on it.... but yeah....of course....the Mate 8 is not available on any UK carrier. The Mate S is, but no decent colours.

Right now I am on the fence if I should wait and see if the P9+ comes on the market and at which price, wait for the P9 in silver, even though I really want gold or rose gold (hey, manufacturers, we could do with some more options, like blue, green, copper....or do we have to wait for Apple to release a phone in that colour before we will see it from you??) or just give up and wait for the new Nexus in Autumn. I am not having any hopes that LG will release their updated V10 in the UK and even if they do, being LG, there is a good chance they will make it uglier and less functional than the V10.

Option number 3 is, to buy a N5x outright, considering it has now fallen below £200 and sit tight on a sim only / pay as you go contract until a decent phone comes on the market. At that price that doesn't seem like such a bad option, and I can always give it to my mum afterwards., she still uses a Samsung Galaxy S2....

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Apr 12, 2016, 9:50:46 AM via Website

I think in free time they drink tea and have not time to use smart phone

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