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Apr 8, 2016, 10:25:02 AM via Website

Panda & Fruit Farm is an Android game that asks players to help Panda harvest all of his fruits from his difficult vines and trees before pests get to them and ruin the crops. Players can help Panda by matching more than three of the same color fruit and fill up baskets at the bottom of the gameplay area. More than this however, the shapes of how people connect and make fruits will determine whether or not they get some more fruit baskets and bonus fruits that set off huge clearances of fruit and such. With lots of levels that offer more of a challenge from the last, Panda & Fruit Farm seems to have a lot to offer players, so let's take a closer look.
Of course, the first thing to do is to download Panda & Fruit Farm from the Play Store, and then load it up to get started.

Users are given the option to connect with Facebook if they want to spend time playing online with friends, which is a nice touch for a game like this.

Each level carries on from the next, and they get a little more challenging from one to the next, too.

When playing online with other friends, their scores will appear above the levels as well, but for those playing on their own there doesn't seem to be much excitement in the level view. Either way, new players are treated to a fairly simple tutorial when they first get started with the game.

The first few levels are fairly uneventful, but these serve well to help players get into the overall swing of things.

We can see the baskets at the bottom of the play area which need to be filled up with fruit, but these can only take up to six pieces of fruit at a time, and players need to match four or more pieces of fruit to get another of these baskets. Each level has a score target that players will need to reach before they can progress to the next level.

In the above example, I need to get 3,000 points or more to beat the level, but I didn't find that very difficult as there's a feature in the game that helps boost players' scores. This happens when someone matches a line of fruit with one of the different-looking fruit that eat up other surrounding fruit. These often set a chain reaction in motion, resulting in some serious points.

There are also some powerful power-ups that players can use to help boost their scores as well.

While Panda & Fruit Farm is a free game, there are also ads as well as the ability to purchase coins and such to help pay for more potions and other such items.

Panda & Fruit Farm is a fairly fun game for Android players, but I can't help but feel that I've been here too many times before. This is a classic match-3 sort of game, with only a few differences here and there, which makes this feel like a game that doesn't really have too much to offer. Having said that, players that really like this sort of game will find a lot to love about Panda & Fruit Farm and it can be quite exciting. While I find the cascading fruits from the power-ups and such to be a little annoying as it stops me from matching more lines of fruit, others will find it exciting and action-packed. One thing's for sure however, is that Panda & Fruit Farm will allow fans of this sort of gameplay to just get stuck in and spend time doing something that they love without much getting in the way.
• Speed (4/5) - This is a speedy game and everything runs well, with a fast-pace of gameplay that casual gamers will really enjoy.
• Theme (4/5) - With lots of color and some good animations, Panda & Fruit Farm is a good-looking game and will appeal to younger users as well those looking for a good-looking casual game.
• Features (4/5) - It might feel like a game that many have played before, but it does have a few differences here and there and it's still good fun to play as well.
• Overall (4/5) - Panda & Fruit Farm is a game that will appeal to a lot of people, especially those that are looking for a good bit of fun that doesn't ask too much of the player. It's colorful, easy to play and exciting - what's not to love?
• Easy gameplay features make this a game that will appeal to a lot of players out there.
• Basket system helps add something a little different to the overall match-3 gameplay that this uses.
• Power-ups and special fruit keep the game fast-paced and packed full of action and appealing to younger players.
• Works well on pretty much any and every smartphone or tablet out there.
• The cascading of fruit after setting off special fruit can feel as though it's taking gameplay away from the player.
• Some more sound effects and background music would help keep players engaged as they try their best to rack up some serious high scores.

Overall, Panda & Fruit Farm is the sort of game that has a lot on offer, and should keep players engaged for some time. There appears to be a lot of different levels and the graphics are nice and colorful, too. It might feel a little overly-familiar for some match-3 players but the different basket system as well as some other features here and there help to keep the game nice and fresh. Free to download and try out, this is worth giving a go, if casual, arcade games are your sort of thing.

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