[Game] Stickman Quest - To become a heroes save the world

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Apr 8, 2016, 4:43:29 AM via Website

imageRush adventure not to be missed.
Hi everyone,
First Zitgastudio sincerely thank the he / she has been and will be supported by Zitga studio titles produced and released. Zitga studio recently released the RPG, Adventure: Quest Stickman's simulated war warrior against the dark powers of dangerous aliens to invade the city. We wish him / her DLG supporters, players and evaluate products Zitga studio to an enjoyable day. Once again sincerely thank everyone !!!
Quest is the game Stickman Action, Role-playing game genre classics. Stickman Quest game storyline Heaven When the city was conquered by the henchmen by Dark Lord Genos control moment there is also everything the brink of extinction. Full remaining human city of faith and hope eventually to hand him justice warrior named OmniKnight (Stickman) ... with endless strength and courage, he rose up fight for peace to the city and humans. Adventurous journey full of thorns to rescue all humanity has been started, the Warriors OmniKnight transformed into endless power to use it to protect justice, for the city from the Dark Lord does Genos.
Extremely interested tight guillotine immersive gameplay, sound effects, great picture, Stickman Quest is gradually showing its proven product quality is difficult to blame and would be the perfect dish for the gamer player and will support stickman Quest ZitgaStudio and in the future.