Earn Ten Million Per Day - Force Configuration

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Apr 5, 2016, 8:10:07 AM via Website

1.Common Configuration:Especially beard + mm + Bomberman , or + mm + beard + Goblin combination of Bomberman .Quick construction and low price.
2.Fat + Angel:Thick blood fat with added Blood Angels , the fat man hit defense , but also to protect the angels longer serve them , use good words can often take each other the whole library . But eight players and nine players in one more after a new vent , a combination of fat angel for the latter player becomes weak , the scope of ( 6-7 ) .
3.Mixed Forces: combination made from a variety of forces , for example , fat , bearded , mm, goblins , Bomberman combination. This combination , strain is strong , it can be applied to most of the formation.Quick construction and low price.
4.Giant Bomb + Goblin :crazy combinations,suitable for robbery.
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