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Mar 30, 2016, 8:03:56 AM via Website

The question that usually people asked about the Persian language is its similarity with the Arabic language. The confusion most of the people are having in their mind is that Arabic and Persian language are derived from the same root and has some overlapping factors, which is a wrong concept. Arabic is a semantic language where as Persian belongs to the Indo European language which makes them of different families.

There are a number of evident reasons that distinguish these two languages from each other. Some of the obvious reasons are enlisted below:

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1. Variations:
The language Persian is derived from the English language and has similarities with it, on the other hand Arabic in literature is supposedly derived from the Hebrew language. The root derivation makes them different from the core as one has many variations and the other has two or so. For Learn Persian Language learner has to learn its two forms that are Dari and the other one is Turkish where as Arabic has so many forms and makes a learner confuses.

2. Basics of the other languages:
Arabic the language of the Holy Book of Quran is a base or a derivation for so many other languages, including Pashto, Farsi, Kurdish, and Urdu. Those who know any of the former mentioned languages can easily learn it, but in case of Persian the two forms are complex in itself and a person needs to learn if from scratch.

3. Look similar but sound different:
The thing that usually the people should understand is that these two languages look similar but sound different. This is the fact that typically people do not understand at first, but when dig deep down, then they came to know the difference and grasp the logic behind.

These languages share same alphabets but are different in dialect and dictionary and the similar case is with Portuguese and French they are at all different but share the same alphabets.

4. No Language Group in Common:
These two discussed languages have no group in common. In the above examples Portuguese and French share same family that is Latin but Arabic and Farsi has nothing in common which makes them of total strange planet. Farsi or Persian is written in more modern texture and inscriptions than the Arabic language which is though not in its archaic format but different than Persian.

5. Popularity Factor:
Arabic is far more popular than Persian as it is the official language of more than 20 countries where as Persian makes it up to Iran and is dominated in major parts of Afghanistan.

More amazingly Persian has 32 where as Arabic has 28 alphabets and have a total different grammar. Learning is not difficult especially when we are living in the age where any information is a click away. The fact is to understand the difference and other formats, which usually are not available on the internet. In terms of business perspective, Arabic has a way to go because more people can understand this language and there are more jobs opportunity in the middle East and Arabic countries.

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