HTC One (M8) — HTC One M8 Sound/Video Problem

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Mar 24, 2016, 6:03:40 PM via Website

Phone literally farted the other day. It ran out of battery and died, no biggie. I put it on charge and it didn't show a charging light, then the charging light ( instead of being a solid orange light) began flashing, I left it overnight and it charged, but now the problem is that IT DOESNT PLAY AND SOUND, AND DOESNT PLAY ANY VIDEO FROM THE INTERNET.

So I can play a video from my gallery, but without sound, I can't play youtube videos at all ( it loads the thumbnail,but when I press play it just says that " there was a problem while playing"). When I play videos on google chrome on my phone it plays them but without sound, and when I try and play any music from my soundcloud or my music which ive downloaded it doesnt play. The sound doesn't play when I have headphones in either.

I have no clue whats wrong, I havent dropped my phone or done anything to it physically, what I have done is googled the problem on my pc and it told me to wipe the cache partition, which I did, but that didnt do anything to the video and audio situation.