Custom app development question.

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Mar 18, 2016, 12:31:29 AM via Website

Hello folks, I'm Steve.
I am starting a masters degree in September, and am trying to get a bit ‘ahead of the game’ for my thesis research.
I have no experience of app design, coding, or any form of programming, so please forgive what may be a really dumb question or two.
I am thinking of using an app as a teaching tool.
My main question is this:
Is it possible to build an app that has information linked to geographical locations using the devises inbuilt GPS? For example, you are walking a street: as you get to house 1, you open the app, or it detects where you are, and it gives you a welcome and orientation, and information about numbers 1-4 for example, on a screen where you can touch to access each information ‘packet’ on each house as you want it. You move on, the app senses you have moved to a new area and automatically shows a new screen, plays a new intro, and shows info on houses 8 to 14 for example, and so on as often as required.

The above is the main focus of the app. Handy additional functionality would be:

Is it also possible to track devices, up to 5000 say, with the app installed and active, in real time within a set area?

Is possible to communicate with the devices, offering information updates, offers, or any other information, in real time?

Is it possible to discriminate between devices that have been to some locations, but not others, in real time?

I hope some of you folks who know your stuff can help.

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Mar 18, 2016, 1:59:21 AM via Website

Yes, you can. But I think you maybe need some experienced professionals to work with you together. This is team work. Some will work for the app while another guys will work for back end ap(including web services for app and DB storage...).
And most of all you need an excellent architects. :D

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Mar 20, 2016, 6:27:08 PM via Website

Hi James, and thanks for the response.
Which of that applies to the 'main' app (just the gps linked information), and which to the additional features?
The gps bit it the core of what Id like, the rest is completely expendable if its too complicated.

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