First app made! coming out of the gate - could do with tips and the such!

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Mar 16, 2016, 12:38:13 AM via Website

Hey everyone! Long time lurker here. I have been using MMF2.5 for about a year now and in the last couple of months have started to ignore work and social life to really knuckle down and get something out there that people could play.

Year and years ago I had started making little games with Klik and Play. I really wish I had not lost/formatted the hard drives as there were hours of hard work in there. Anyway - I'd been stop/starting alot of games, slowly losing time and patience with life and work and all the other fun things. I hope to post some of the stuff later as I have a sweet makings of a horror game that runs a little too hot on android and ... anyway im digressing.

So 2 weeks ago I come back from a drunken stag weekend only to find my girlfriend of 3 years had left me. Being devestated I stopped work and social nicities, set up shop in my parents house and started game making. Not out of passion at first, but to keep my mind from wandering in the breakup aftermath.

So after fiddling around the first day I had a prototype that I could say was suprisingly addictive. Testing, testing and testing alongside everything I had learned up unto this point with MMF2.5 let me be able to implement my ideas relatively quickly. And before I know it I'm here Gibbering on about this game I now have on the google app store, Amazon etc.

Its an arcade puzzle game similar in vein to infinirunners, with an element of tetris and doodlejump. I could spend more time elaborating but I could just show a little preview of how it runs. Hope you enjoy the funky jazz.

Here is the Google Play store version

I don't currently have an iphone - so a big gap in the market, but I'm sure I'll get that sorted at a later date

Any tips for a first time app doo--errr that I should be aware of?

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