The simplest way to save and reuse image/audio clips in WhatsApp

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Mar 11, 2016, 6:21:24 PM via Website

Since this is the Android WhatsApp forum, thought I could share this here..

As a indie developer I've written an app for my own use. Basically it allows one to easily save any interesting image/audio clips found inside WhatsApp chats and reuse it later in the easiest way possible. I thought people might be looking for the same thing so I decided to publish it in Google Play.

Check out the screenshots in the official app page to have a rough idea of what it does: (pls paste it yourself as I couldn't post the link as a new user :( )

Basically there are two tabs, image and audio. In the audio tab one can preview voice clips by pressing the play button. You may even use them directly within WhatsApp chats - see the short video in the official app page in Google Play to know how.

Fully supports material design so the theme color changes according to your image tone!

Feedbacks are welcome!


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