Which one do you like better?—— Comparison of browsers

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Jan 27, 2016, 10:26:52 AM via Website

With the rapid development of the network and the upgrading of mobile phones, all kinds of mobile applications abound. As an entrance for Internet, browser is one of the most commonly used essential tools. Currently, there is a growing intense competition for browser capability. Owing to increased auxiliary function and the continuous upgrading, the increasing browser volume and installation package have brought a great challenge to ROM and RAM for mobile phones.
This time we selected five commonly used browser to make a comparison from the installation package size, memory usage, CPU usage and traffic usage and other four features relatively close to the user experience. As following:

Comparison of the package size:
we selected this 5 browser for assessment based on the Android platform. Firstly, let's compare the browser volume:
From the above comparison of the browser volume , it is not difficult to find out that Chrome Browser ranked as the first with 40mb, following is Opera Browser with nearly 30mb, Baidu Browser and UC Browser respectively ranked the third and fourth with 19.83MB and 18.524MB. KK Browser appears the more compact size with only 1.186MB. Then, we made two tests and three projects to compare the 5 browsers based on the most commonly problems when using mobile phones.
Memory & CPU test:
Download the browser, install on the phone, and then connect to the computer, start the test tools, running the browser, operating all the functions, and using the browser for music and video playing, news reading, picture browsing, file download and online games playing .
Traffic test
Running all the functions on each browser with same operation , such as playing the same songs, watch the same video, download the same size apk, continuous browse the same page pictures, and monitor the use of each traffic of each browser at the same time through the performance testing tools Emmagee
Following the result after these two tests:
Chrome Browser


Baidu Browser

Opera Browser
UC Browser

KK Browser

We could see that:
(1) For the memory usage, KK topped with 28803 kb, Then is Chrome of
35642kb, UC ranked the third with respectively 69309 kb and Baidu is the last with 139725kb.
(2) For the CPU usage, KK browser ranked the first with 6% of occupancy , nearly is Chrome and Opera with 12% and 13% separately, UC follwed with 15% and Baidu is the last with a great occupancy of 91%.
(3)Then we check for the traffic usage, in the same operation, Opera consume a minimum flow rate with only 33163kb, the second is KK browser with only 41711kb , Chrome and UC is closer, respectively 43562kb and 46271kb, and Baidu 51121kb.
From the above test data, we can see that each browser has its own characteristics: Chrome and KK ranked well in memory usage; UC and KK browser lead in occupancy; Opera is a slight advantage in terms of traffic consumption. Under a comprehensive comparison, it is not difficult to find out that most of the mobile browsers take up more memory and consume power faster as the big volume and multi-function. However, KK browser performs well in memory usage ,cpu occupancy, and traffic consuming with a small volume of only 1.2M. To a certain extent it proves sometimes, Less is more.

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Feb 19, 2016, 12:26:31 AM via Website

Good study, very exhaustive. I use UCBrowser in spite of its UI a bit cluttered and other annoyances because of 2 main advantages:

1) When you zoom a page, it reaccommodates the text. This should be mandatory in any text-related app.

2) It has the option to close the app for good; not sending it to the background, or other kinda-closing-but-not-really. Very useful when something goes weird, for example for lack of ram, and you need to clean the slate.

Iftikhar Hussain

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Mar 15, 2017, 2:11:14 PM via Website

chrome so far best brower no need to update anything . You can sync data anywhere from the world.


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May 3, 2017, 4:58:34 AM via Website

I use Wire Browser. It's based on chromium and makes it super easy to organize saved bookmarks. Plus all bookmarks are searchable directly from google.

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May 3, 2017, 5:06:17 AM via Website

Iftikhar Hussain

chrome so far best brower no need to update anything . You can sync data anywhere from the world.

yes, i agree. i use chrome browser from beginning, it is safe and secure.

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May 3, 2017, 9:44:29 AM via Website

Great, I use UC Browser never had any issue using that. But KK browser looks good too UI is good but It cant compete with Chrome or UC.

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May 3, 2017, 10:05:03 AM via Website

Thanks for providing useful information, its good to know..keep sharing and updating.

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