Native vs Hybrid App Development - which one is better for business?

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Jan 21, 2016, 3:13:03 PM via Website

Hey community,

Straight to the topic - which app development is better for business? I think that in the long run native wins in 99% of cases, there are some other opinions though, I would like to know what you think. Some arguments for boths sides of this conflict can be found here - Native vs Hybrid - Demystifying the Technology Dilemma . Even better - what is the future of app development? (some say that hybrid might be the way).


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Jan 29, 2018, 11:44:17 AM via Website

Confused which platform to choose for your mobile app, native or hybrid? Know in details

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Feb 23, 2018, 8:19:40 AM via Website


In a long run native is the best solution to scale the app in growing business demand for startups. On the other hand, I would suggest Cross platform and Hybrid are solutions fits better to enterprise apps, ecommerce apps, travel apps like Airbnb and any booking apps.

If you are looking to develop for Augmented Reality, IOT or any High End app like Pinterest then definitely Native should be the way. Kotlin is the native language powers Android development from 2017…

Moses Aaron

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Feb 27, 2018, 10:06:48 AM via Website

Also took this never-ending argument into consideration. I believe that those working with native development will definitely find their niche.
Take some technical reasons, hybrid apps don’t perform as well as native ones, so if you’re choosing the former, make sure you know all your users’ experiences will likely face.But native development environments have deeply integrated tools to identify the issues and for ensuring code works before releasing it..And if the experience of the 1st users is positive, it's great

But of course there is not a universal answer. All situations are unique. So one should decide for yourself.

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Mar 21, 2018, 7:36:09 AM via Website

The native app is designed to run on a specific Mobile Operating System due to it is written in particular programming language. The broadly famous platforms for Apple devices are Swift or Objective-C and for Android devices, Java is best.

The hybrid app makes built process easier to develop multiple mobile apps for different platforms. In a web development language such like CSS, HTML, or Javascript, you can write code once, and then transform it to the native app by translating this to the Android or iOS app. The hybrid app may not gives you smoothness as a native app offers but its development time is faster as compared to Native. Phone-Gap, Ruby-motion and Ionic mostly used tools in Hybrid app development.

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