Declare ad status to "yes" for app with *optional* ads?

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Jan 9, 2016, 9:24:40 PM via Website

I have a game that is going to have ads, but they are off by default and the user has the option to turn them on in order to get additional rewards. To me, it sucks to have to label this as an ad supported game since that infers required ads which will turn users off; however, I don't want to say "no" and then have Google blacklist me later for technically using ads for a revenue stream by serving ads to those who ask for it.

I would think a lot of games in particular would run into this issue where they offer a user the option to watch an ad video in order to get virtual currency. Again, yes, the user can see ads, but it's up to them.

Anyone know? Be nice if someone from Google could chime in. Not sure how to contact them.


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Jan 12, 2016, 9:52:57 AM via Website

No need to contact them, just post your personal reviews here. The message will reach to them sooner or later.

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Jan 15, 2016, 9:10:46 PM via Website

I am faced with the same question as my app can serve ads but they are "opt-in" as opposed to the common "in your face" ads. However, after reading and re-reading the Google statement below, I believe my app would fall under the "note" clarification. Perhaps yours does as well?

You should declare whether or not your app contains ads (like ads delivered through third party ad networks, display ads, native ads, and/or banner ads) on your app's Pricing & Distribution page. Once the feature launches broadly, apps that contain ads will have an "Ads" label shown on their store listing page.

Note: The "Ads" label isn't meant to cover whether an app contains other kinds of commercial content, like paid product placement or offers to make in-app purchases or upgrades. If your app includes paid product placements, make sure they comply with local laws.