Samsung Galaxy S5 — Updates not actuallying updating

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Dec 18, 2015, 2:23:05 PM via Website


The past 2 updates for my phone have given me issues with downloading. My device will tell me I have an update, start downloading the update, take over an hour to fully download it, and then restart and crash before the update reaches 1% for install. It will continually ask me if I want to update, and I tried multiple times, not leaving WiFi coverage, and nothing. Then one day it told me my software was up to date but I know for a fact it never actually got all the way through the update with out crashing. I am now having the same issue again, it is telling me I have an update, I have tried multiple times to download with no success, and now it is telling me my phone is up to date. Is it skipping the update? Or partially updating, cuz not once has it ran from start to finish successfully. And my phone has had minor issues with freezing and battery life since the first time it asked me to update and failed.


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Dec 18, 2015, 6:07:28 PM via Website

Wait until you have another update and then try that one.

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