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Dec 8, 2015, 6:21:29 AM via Website

Looking for advice on how I might create a simple app that all the cooks at my restaurant could use.

Features need to include links within plating instructions on how to make the sauces ect. Also once the app is downloaded the documents need to be accessible offline. Once I update any of the documents the app needs to be able to update automatically on any users phone once online. It would also need to be cross platform.

Essentially it would be 20-25 plating instruction documents with hyperlinks to other documents that explain in further detail on how to make sauces and other things on how to prep the dish.

Any help would be greatly appreciated!

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Dec 11, 2015, 6:49:07 AM via Website

As above explanation the app will work offline and online i.e. both modes. what you can do , maintain unique id for every document what you want to show in the app. and once you will add any other document increase that no.

Let say i have a document which id is 1 (in server that will send to client(Android)). every time when the user will online , there would be a service which will hit your server and fetch the details. In android it will check the version let say doc_version. if the version coming from the server is same as stored in android database , there is not update document available. else update document is available. fetch and store the updated on.

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