galaxy note 5 issue on at&t

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daniel davies
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Nov 24, 2015, 1:37:26 PM via Website

hey all I was looking for some advice.

ive bought a Samsung galaxy note 5 from ebay.... brand new in the box. it was supplied by at&t originally.

I'm in the uk on EE network and the phone works fine but for Samsung pay app to work and for stagefright update to be applied it requires an 'update'

when I manually push the phone to update, it starts the update process and then it says software update interrupted - no update available for device and to check again in 24 hours.

so question is...... can I update anyway? am I assuming theres an update but in fact there may not be? do I need to be on at&t network to get any updates at all or is it possible to update via Samsung in some way? (smartswitch is installed btw and doesn't say anything about an update being available.)

thanks in advance for any help on this matter!

kind regards


nilofar shaikh
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Nov 24, 2015, 2:41:48 PM via Website

I think you need to perform a Hard Reset on your device and if problem persists you need to consult the nearest Samsung store and ask them regarding it

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Wasay Khan
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Mar 26, 2016, 2:42:16 PM via Website

Besides many additions in the new Samsung Galaxy Note 5 now we have an improved stock recovery mode on Galaxy Note 5. The Galaxy Note 5 allows users to navigate through the recovery mode using its volume up and down button. This is unlike many other devices where it is quite tiresome navigating the recovery mode with only one of the two keys. Most people usually require to enter the recovery mode on their device for factory reset, wiping data or cleaning the cache of their device.

Here is a complete guide to use the handy stock recovery mode on the Galaxy Note 5. Once you have entered the recovery mode just use the volume buttons to navigate up or down. Also to mention the recovery mode on Galaxy Note 5 works for almost all version of the Galaxy Note 5 irrespective of the carrier you are using.
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Oct 17, 2018, 1:29:58 PM via Website

If you are facing any kind of issue with email on galaxy note 5 and looking for experts guidance then contact AT&T Support Experts via toll-free AT&T Customer Service Phone Number 1-800-596-2947.

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