Super AppLock: The silent guardian for your mobile privacy

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Nov 17, 2015, 4:40:06 AM via Website

Have your ever worried about your phone privacy peeped by your families, your friends or even strangers? Well, lucky you! Today I am gonna introduce you all an awesome app called Super AppLock that can precisely protect your phone privacy. I have to sincerely say that this is not an advertisement because I have just downloaded this app from Google Play the other day and I found it super practical and useful. Therefore, I wanna share this cool fantastic app with you all.

Developer: IriverPrivacyApps
Get from Google:
Recommend: ★★★★★ (5 stars)
Features: Free&No-ad, small size, light, beautiful themes, stable, google material design

Convenient & Easy Operate Interface
When first trying this app, you have to set your own password. Super AppLock offers two different types of passwords:PIN & Pattern respectively. You can change any of them in “Setting” menu. Easy to operate!

One tap to secure files and apps
When password is set, you can lock any apps you want at the Lock App page. System apps like gallery, media, contact, call, SMS, Settings, camera, note, files,etc. and third-part apps like Gmail, facebook, twitter, instagram, snapchat and vsco cam, therefore you can put any into this locker. By doing this, only you who knows the password to access those locked applications.

Photo&video vault and file vault
Nowadays, many people like taking selfies, pictures and videos to record precious memories, while the personal privacy problem is emerging at the same time. Do not be worrying any more, you can easily put some intimate photos or videos into the Vault, so that no one else but you can browse them. And in addition to photos and videos, files like PDF, MP3,ZIP and so on can also be hidden from others.

Advance protection
Are you wondering that if someone has uninstall this “Privacy Lock”? That’s my concern too. This app can completely handle it. When you enable Advance Protection in Setting, people won’t be able to install any app on your phone from system unless you enter “Privacy Lock” and stop Advance Protection or press “Uninstall” in Privacy Lock list. Sounds cool?

Various Themes to Choose
Super AppLock currently embodies 30 glamorous and cool wallpaper, and Each theme has its different subject, so it’s no doubt that you can find one that meet your requirements. For example, Vampire theme is of great use for those who are big fan of vampire story; New Sweetlove will be priority for those who are keen to romance; Aries theme should be taken priority for those who like to study constellation etc.

With installation of Super AppLock, there is no need to worry that your families, your friends or even strangers browsing your photo gallery, messages or snoop around your personal staff. Super AppLock, your silent guardian, can keep prying eyes away from your phone, thus it can secure your files and apps safe and sound. If you find it practical and useful after my recommendation, don’t hesitate to download it from Google Play. Super AppLock, you are worth it!

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Dec 16, 2015, 7:43:24 AM via Website

Awesome application

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