Can I use a tablet attached to a carrier for wifi only?

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Sep 14, 2015, 3:49:41 AM via Website

I am about to buy a tablet. I'm looking seriously at Samsung. I want to use it as a computer only, with wifi only. I do NOT need a second cell phone. Repeat. En Anglais. (Everyone I have asked so far found my question confusing, whyever they'd assume I'm buying a computer specifically because I'm a thief who wants to steal cell phone service.) I do NOT want a free, carrier-free way to use my tablet as a cell phone. I want my tablet for a COMPUTER, became my laptop is big, clunky and heavy.

I work for a cell phone refurbisher, and they offer a substantial employee discount. They have alot of Samsung tablets. However, it seems that all of them are tied to cell phone carriers, like Sprint, AT&T, etc.

If I buy one of these cell phone-company tied tablets, can I turn off the whatever, and just use the wifi?

If I do, will I be able to download apps from Google Play, Kindle from Amazon, etc?



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