LG G3 Cat.6 — Screen trouble after water damage

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Sep 12, 2015, 8:21:24 PM via Website

So, yesterday I received a new replacement phone and that same day my phone got water damaged at the beach, tried the overnight rice method and it was completly unresponsive, so I did a bit of research and decided(with absolutely no tech knowledge background) to open up my phone and clean the logic board with 99% alcohol (which I luckily have in my makeup kit for sfx purposes haha) and now it turns on and the touch screen works and everything, but once the screen locks, that's it it won't respond to the power button or touch other than the little light at the top blinking as per usual. I literally have no idea what to do next so any advice? Thanks!:)

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Jul 7, 2017, 8:08:31 AM via Website

Try these tips:
If it’s still in the water, take it out right away. Every second counts in this case.
Turn off the phone and remove the battery (if it’s removable). The longer the battery stays connected, the higher the chance of it shorting out other components.
Take out the microSD card and SIM card from their slots and swish them with alcohol. Do not use drinking alcohol. A regular rubbing alcohol will do.
If you managed to open the phone, removed the battery, and has access to inside components, put alcohol in them. The goal is to wash away dirt, minerals, and other stuff that may found their way inside. You can safely apply alcohol on the phone because it’s not water; it even absorbs it. Clean out the phone with alcohol for about 5 minutes.
After cleaning the phone, battery, SIM card, and SD card with alcohol, put them in a sealed bag of uncooked rice to dry. Make sure to cover everything with rice. Leave them in the bag for several days to dry out. Hopefully, the rice would absorb all the remaining water molecules from them.
After the drying out phase, check if the device works normally.
If you’re in luck, the phone would work as if nothing happened. Otherwise, please seek the help of a professional to physically check the phone for failures.
Alternatively, getting the new replacement may be the only way to go.
Check LG G3 Manual- guideusermanual.com/product-name-lg-g3-manual&po=134051&lang=English for more support.

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