Samsung Galaxy S4 Active — Not Enough Space

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Sep 6, 2015, 2:43:21 PM via Website

"This devise doesn't have enough space to download. Consider deleting apps or content you no longer need and try again". Why am I getting this and how do I fix it? I have removed lots of pictures etc., and still get this message? I can not get my email now. The counter on my deleted email stays at 677 and will not go to 0 even though there is not one email in the folder? What apps should I delete? What is using up all the space on my S4 Galaxy. Thank you for any help offered .

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Sep 6, 2015, 3:26:16 PM via Website

If you r running low of storage space try this

1 Go to settings application manager and see which apps uses most of the memory, then click on it and you will see clear cache click on it it will clear your cache data (don't click on clear data)
2 There you will also see move to sdcard move your app to free some internal storage
3 Go to recovery mode and select clear cache this will also free some space
4 Use clean master app
5 Go to settings and than storage u will get to know which thing is taking more space

Christine Birch

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Jan 18, 2017, 9:15:39 AM via Website

I have had my S4 through Verizon for 2 years now. My storage was full for the last 6 months. I moved all apps I could and all pictures to the SD card. Still not enough storage.. finally one night I said to myself what about the text messages. I receive a lot of pictures from people. I went through and deleted all my text messages and I freed up almost 3 gigs of space..yippie

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Feb 15, 2017, 11:00:06 PM via Website

Thanks for this information. I now have received all my emails (cool).