Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 — If you own a Note 4 why would you possibly want a Galalxy Note 5????

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Jimmy Drew
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Aug 24, 2015, 4:28:48 AM via Website

Well, I've done a lot of research... and also went by and played with a Note 5.  Could care less about the looks because all my Notes go in an Otter box Commuter Case.... especially this new Note 5 being all glass... right????  :)     OK, have read all the pros and cons... Note 5 has no SD card... OK, I'll get a 64 gig model... no removable battery....  OK, it does have wireless charging.  Also it DOES NOT have an IR Blaster.  Now that is a  big deal to me because I do use the Peel App and my lovely wife often... misplaces the remote... well, guess what I always have one with me.  OK, I'll just hunt for the remote.  The Note 5 does have wireless changing and a faster processor and let's not forget 4 gigs of hot ram!!!!  Well I took my grandson his new lap top after converting it to Windows 10 and he tells me he needs a new phone so I decide to give him my Note 4.  Decision made.... I'm going with the Note 5.  Having dealt with Verizon many years I have some friends that work there.  One of them was working this afternoon.  I walk in... and I tell him I want to upgrade to the Note 5.  Without as much as blink he looks me in the eye and says are you crazy????  Wait for the Note 6.  By that time Samsung will realize what mistakes they have made on the Note 5.  Now this young man knows I upgrade every year... he knows how I like the latest and greatest and still says stay with the Note 4.   ***May I have your opinions????***     

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Aug 24, 2015, 1:24:28 PM via App

i did want one BEFORE.... but the fact that is has a glass back/front no removable battery cover no memory card capabilities... it doesn't appeal to me...i will pass! i love to jazz up my phones with sexy back covers can't do it with note 5!! I had the SG S3 S4 S5 an now note 4..if they keep the new designs no back cover no memory slot... i will stay with note 4 for awhile then switch back to Apple smdh!! I like the fact that samsung phones was so versatile now they trying to be like Apple....and we all know Apple is NOT very versatile can't change anything unless u jailbreak...

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aaron gray
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Mar 11, 2016, 6:35:53 AM via Website

Whats the question is this ?? I think you dont say that .Because when i had the note 4 and wehn i heard that samsung is launching the Note 5 i was get mental hahah..

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Feb 7, 2017, 11:46:48 AM via Website

Whatever you make don't go back to Apple :) There are tons of reason for that. Especially the late turn of events proves that.
You can get a juice pack. Or an extender for SD card for the note 5. But I will recommend the amazing I-blades that solves the both problems at the same time. It's a modular case that gives you protection, extra battery and a 64 GB extra memory. You can use it at the time you need, snap it off when you don't want to have bulk to your phone. The Note 5 is obviously a better choice. You will transform it in S6 :)