Samsung Galaxy S4 Active — After Lollipop update, phone turns the ringer way down by itself

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Aug 19, 2015, 11:00:37 PM via Website

Not just my phone, my daughter is having the same issue. I called Verizon about 2 months ago to discuss. After time wasted, they sent me to a Tier 2 tech who after some searching found out I wasn't the only one complaining and missing calls.

She said the only fix in their book was to reset to factory default settings, and then put my own settings back in, which would NOT lose data. I did do that and it solved the problem for a time. But a few days ago the same issue started happening again. This is apparently a bug in the update that needs to be fixed. If anyone has any other ideas please advise. Thanks.

It's a real time waster to have to do this again. And then not know when it's going to fail again. Note: I have always had the ringer set to ring and vibrate. I did test and the vibrate still comes on, but that does no good if you are in another part if the house.

When you pick up the phone after a missed call, it still gives you that little zap but it doesn't tell you why. No more "missed call" on screen. Have to hunt down the source.