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Aug 13, 2015, 7:40:02 PM via Website

Hi Guys n Gals,
We are team Airborne :) . Airborne is a Unified Instant Messenger.
It unifies messages from your Airborne, SMS and Google contacts, right under the same chat thread!

We have put in a lot of love into our Beta release. With your love, support and feedback, we are hoping to fix the problem of a fragmented messaging experience using multiple apps.
You can get Airborne by searching Airborne - Free Calls & Text in the Google Play Store.

Out Pitch
Consider your buddy John, texts you via SMS - "Good Morning! Don't forget to wish Nicole... It's her b'day today!". Later in the day, he sends out an Instant Message (say via whatsapp) - "Free for lunch @ Chef Lin?". Come evening, he is messaging you via Google Talk (using his office desktop's gmail app) - "Oh shoot! I completely forgot to wish Nicole :( Hope you didn't!?"

You would have to respond to these messages from 3 different apps (SMS, Whatsapp and Gtalk). Despite the messages being from the same contact "John", you are going to have a fragmented messaging experience. Not to mention the overhead of installing 3 different apps.

Airborne solves this problem by unifying messages from your Airborne, SMS and Google buddies, right under the same chat thread! So all messages from John, get unified under 1 thread, giving you a sense of conversation with him, despite switching mediums/modes of messaging.

Thanks a ton!


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Aug 15, 2015, 12:51:31 PM via Website

Hi, The screens look great but could'nt find your app on Google play, is it meant for any specific version of android?
I also run a weekly top apps list, You may want to submit your app here

Ganesh Rao

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Aug 15, 2015, 3:28:10 PM via Website

Hi Slidingbits!

The app is available for devices with android 4.0 & up. Since am unable to post the URL directly, I have attached a screenshot of the Google Playstore page. Please visit the link listed there.(Hope am not violating forum rules with this hack :p)

Alternatively, you could try searching for the following terms (in the playstore):
1. Airborne Messenger
2. Airborne - Free Calls & Text

Please let me know how it goes. We are looking forward to having you onboard asap :)

Thanks for listing your website link. I will submit my app there right away!