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Aug 3, 2015, 11:36:42 AM via Website

I am looking for a way to extend the rear facing camera on a galaxy s3 for use as a security device.
I have found an Extended Testing Flex Cable for this ( which I have tried to use, but get an error "unknown error Errorcallback" when I try to load the camera.

Does anyone know what typically causes this error, and if there is a way to counter it?

As it all works fine when I connect the camera without the cable, I am assuming it is a hardware fault in the cable but have no way to test this.

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Sep 17, 2015, 8:48:19 PM via Website

Hi, Nick. I had the same idea as you. I want to use an S3 as dashcam. I bought the same cable that you (well, I bought 10 cables) and I get the same error: "Camera error" or "Unknown error" depends on how I connect the cables. But I never got it to work either. I also bought the cable in the same place. I send email to the support, but they do not believe what I say, they do not believe that the cables are not working. They returned my money and end of history.

But I still need an extension cable for the camera and test my idea. Anyone can help with this problem? If someone wants to try, I can mail a cable.


Note: My S3 is a European version.

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