I ticked off a developer when I was trying to do the right thing.

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Aug 2, 2015, 5:25:27 AM via App

I recently downloaded a "playstore app," something I've done successfully hundreds of times. And i LOVED the app. Then, a day later, f-secure vpn, to my surprise, reported that, among the almost two hundred begnign apps on my Galaxy S6 Edge... THIS one was HIGH RISK due to some variant of" fakeangry.apk." So, i did what seemed responsible at the time, which was to comment under the app at the playstore, comment DIRECTLY TO Google, and send an e-mail to the developer. In all of these, I did my best to be both clear about my experience, as well as (probably) overly polite. Now after several exchanges with the developer, I have received profanity-laced mail and invective from his google-plus group. Never once did i accuse this developer of writing malicious code. He, however, after initially accusing f-security of containing malware, subsequently implied that "I" was the problem, since he ran f-security on his encrypted development server, and found it clean. After I twice explained that all i am trying to do is fully determine what happened, and would be pleased to reinstall a clean copy of his product, should he supply me one, he asked me not to contact him again. The other thing he told me is that since his app was downloaded from the "playstore," it had to be clean as it was verified by google. Well, when i pointed out that in fact, Google has experienced a documented uptick in infected apps recently... he, of course, had no response. Although I'm not a developer, I am also neither a liar, nor an idiot, nor someone who accuses others without evidence. I feel the developer was a bit out of line, given the circumstances. I would appreciate any comments. Thank you.

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Aug 2, 2015, 2:29:44 PM via Website


About a year ago one of the apps suggested by Red Ferrit was picked up byy AVG anti-virus.
When I contacted the developer with full diagnostic info. he came back to me to say he was aware as many others had been in contact, however he assured me his code was clean. He'd even been in contact with AVG I found out when I contacted them.

Whereas I would not condone the rudeness of the developer and others who have joined-in, I wonder why their behaviour seems to indicate that nobody else had reported likewise to them.

Another thought is that anti-virus scans do, amongst other techniques, look for patters which just might have been replicated innocently in the code. Still doesn't explain your seemingly unique occurrence nor forgive rudeness.

I'll watch this thread with interest.

YIC - John

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