Alarm Problems

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Jun 19, 2015, 10:39:37 AM via Website

My phone updated to 5.0.2 yesterday. This morning I've been late for work because my alarm tone didn't sound. I've done some fake alarms today to try and understand what happened, and it was simply that the alarm activated (i,e, appeared on screen) but made no sound, which obviously then is an utterly pointless alarm.

Despite the ridiculous decision to remove the silent mode from 5.0.2 I've got my head around the steps of reducing the volume to the lowest permissible setting (vibrate) then selecting 'none' and indefinitely. I then located the 'interruptions' tab within the sound and notification option and checked that alarms are always priority interruptions. Under the priority interruptions options I've then set 'events and reminders' to be selected, with calls and messages not so, the idea being that my alarm would still go off whilst on 'silent' but calls and messages wouldn't disturb me.

Obviously this hasn't worked. Can anyone help? Thankfully being late today wasn't disastrous, but on other days it could cause huge problems.

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