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Jun 19, 2015, 12:20:38 AM via Website

Hi, this is my first post in here, and also the first game I uploaded to Google Play, and it's called "Color Ranch".

Brief Description:
It is a Stroop Effect based game, which is an interference at the reaction time when someone shows you a text that says a color printed in a different color.

The mechanics are quite simple:
There'll be a 2 round tutorial:

Round 1: It will show you a random text, at a random color, with the request case "Text", and a single button, that you'll have to press. That button will belong to the color of the value of the text (ex. if it says blue in pink font color, the button will be a blue one).

Round 2: Same case, with a request case "Color" and again with a single button. Now, the button color will be the color font of the text (ex. a text that says orange in purple color, the button will be purple).

Round 3 and so on: Now that the player has experienced with the brief tutorial, and having a glance of what color button belongs the request cases, it will begin the gameplay, with each round, there will a random request case between the two mentioned above, and now with two buttons: one that belongs to the value of the text, and another one that belongs to the font color.

The point of the game it's to train your mind and time reaction, and to feedback that progress, there will be 4 medals (from bronze to platinum), that will depend of how much correct answers have you made and how long it took you to answer, having a score and a coefficient reaction that will extend the possibility of a medal if you take less than 0.5 seconds between round (trust me, at first it could seem difficult, but one progressively improves).

It plays in any android device with a minimum API 9 2.3 version. 'Cause I´m from Mexico, the default language it´s Spanish, but there is also an option from the menu screen where you can change it to English The game it's at Google Play.

Hope you'll enjoy it, and next week there will be an update, with a better art at the best score section (at the upper left corner), and some other improvisations.

Some screenshots:

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