Relic Temple Surf– The Revolutionary Running Game For Android Users

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Jun 4, 2015, 9:59:14 PM via Website

The latest running mobile game Relic Temple Surf has been released on Google Playstore for Android users worldwide. This highly addictive gave is extremely exciting, challenging and FUN!
Mobile app games like Temple Run, Sonic, Subway Surfer and 3D runner enthralled millions of mobile users with the concept, design and User Interfaces. The concept of continuous running to achieve targets, collect gifts and super powers became a sensation worldwide. And most of all games like Temple Run and Subway Surfer became popular as it was a fantastic method to spend ones leisure time lazily and shake off boredom. The revolutionary 3D Android mobile runner game, Relic Temple Surf has the potential to take the experience people gained by playing Sonic and 3D runner into a whole new level. It is much more fascinating, addictive and advance in the design. Unless one is ready to lose the track of time, they must not download this superb game app, because once the game begins nobody can resist to stop!
The paying style of Relic Temple Surf is similar to Temple Run, Subway Surfer and all the other endless running games. The focus is to Jump, slide and dodge obstacles in the process of running while collecting the maximum amount of turkey, which acts as the medium of cash to purchase different characters, higher powers, gifts and many more that could help to enhance the performance of the player. The smooth responsive controls and the layout of Relic Temple Surf lures players into spending more time with the app ranking up, beating the individual high score repeatedly, without crashing into obstacles.
The features of the exquisite 3D runner game are unbeatable. Players are given the opportunity to pick a beautiful 3D character out of the multiple distinct avatars available. It is also pregnant with numerous missions and locations, so that the game is a brand new challenge whenever the player changes the options. The background soundtrack is not a distraction but a feature that maintains the enthusiasm of the player throughout the gaming session.
This 3D runner game is the best medium to banish boredom when standing in a queue, waiting for the order at a food joint or whenever one feels bored. For more information on the game and to download Relic Temple Surf.