How To Boost Android Battery Life By Almost 50%!!!!!! Android 4.4.4-5.X

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May 21, 2015, 3:44:54 PM via Website

We All Love Our Android Phones But We Also Hate Them When They Go Out Of Juice. Heres Some Tips On How To Boost Battery When It Gets Low.

Display Settings
1: Go To Settings And Open Up Display
2: Turn Brightness To A Bearable Level
3: Turn Off Intelligent Backlight (If You Don't Have It Don't Worry)
4: Turn Off Smart Color (If You Don't Have It Don't Worry)
5: Turn Screen Timeout To A Bearable Time

Developer Settings
Some Devices Will Have This Unlocked By Default If Not Just Go To Device Info And Click Build# Seven Times

1: Go To Transitions Area And Turn Them Down To .5% Or 0% It Might Not Look Appealing But It Works
2: Scroll Down Till You Hit Background Processes And Turn It To Low Or OFF
3: Click Don't Keep Background Processes

*Cellular Network & GPS *
This Really Varies By Device So Consult Your Phone - Tablet Manual

Super Secret Settings
If Your Phone- Tablet Has A Dialer Version 4.4.2 Or Greater Use This Number To Access Super Secret Settings And Type In This Number


This Should Pop Up A Menu
1: Click Phone Info And Click Turn Off Radio
2: Click Wifi Settings Then Click Wifi API And Click Turn Off Network

Tip Put Device Into Quick Boot Mode To Tun On/OFF Faster And Save A Lot More Battery

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