Exclusive License for Unity3D games. Awesome Artwork and reusable code

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May 17, 2015, 10:23:22 PM via Website


We are shutting shop and are looking to sell our games. The games are built on Unity3D engine. Only Exclusive License, 4 of our games are left to be sold(2D games). All the games are made in-house(all art work available, AI files, animations,Source Code,sounds, test files etc.). Cross platform games for Android, iOs, WP, web and Desktop.

Super awesome Gameplay
We will not be selling the GooglePlay account, just the source code, rights of the games(licenses, etc.), Artwork.

Good for someone who wants to edit on top of it and republish or for any task. let me know if you are up for acquiring any game.

The games should not be preferred for re-skinning as the art work is unique and after the sale you will be the sole owner of the source code and art.
Please make a note that this is IP right sale, hence the price can be steep. We have the copyrights to the games including copyright to the characters(will be transferring everything to the acquirer)

Let me know if interested

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Sep 29, 2015, 9:47:35 AM via Website

That's awesome I would love to have your asset in our asset store. We barely launched it 3 weeks ago and have a lot of unity3d developers on board.

If you like and are interested in adding your game go to and setup an author account. I will personally process it.

Here's more information about us cleansourcecode.com