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May 16, 2015, 7:40:24 PM via Website

Few days back, I start experiencing some Adware issues in my windows machine and windows phone. I have a blog which server Google Ads. Now, If I load my blog or any blogpost and then starts click randomly anywhere, it open a popup to I noticed that, I can experience the same problem in any website that servers Google Ads. I suspect this to be an Adware. But, I'm not sure how this creeps into my machine as well as in my windows phone. All the software that I use are genuine and no pirated copies are there in my machine.
But, the most surprising this I noticed is, my Windows Phone is also affected by the same problem. Since, IE in Windows Phone don't allow extensions and has proper sandboxing architecture, then how come IE in windows phone could be affected? I tried resetting my browser in both desktop as well as mobile, but didn't helped at all. Also, I launched the browser in InPrivate mode, which has the same problem too. . I even tried loading the same in FireFox (with AdBlock installed), but has the same problem.
I searched the internet for a solution and came across these 2 links - :'(. And, I'm surprised by the timing of these issue. Is this a new Adware out-break? Is spreads to all machines connected in the same router, if I got it right.
Is there any fix? How can I get rid of this?

All machines connected to my wifi have gotten Infected with this . Condition of my phone is worse , I cannot open any site from any browser as I get instantly directed to this site. It does look like an outbreak , because it has been reported on internet since yesterday only and no solution is working. No anti virus is able to detect this adware. So we really need help.

Any help will be appreciated.

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