How to integrate cordova main view with cordova plugin(video conference plugin) native view?

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Apr 23, 2015, 3:14:26 PM via Website

What we are trying to achieve is modify existing PortSIP video conference SDKs into cordova plugin format, so that we can use the same for our video conference Project. We started off with the Android PortSIP SDK and modified it as a cordova plugin. However, to integrate it fully with the app, we need to integrate the existing Cordova Web view with the native view of the PostSIP plugin in such a a way, that we can have the following output (all integrated in a single page):

When we create a Cordova project for Android, what Cordova does is that it implements a native "Linear Layout"

This "Linear Layout" is defined in a "mainview.xml" which is created by Cordova, but is hidden from the Android Project (when viewed in Eclipse/other IDE). The linear layout and cordova web views does not have any ID/access handler with it (as per our R&D). This "Linear Layout" will now host the Cordova Web View, which is added as a System Web View to the above mentioned Linear Layout

The Cordova web view is full screen by default. What we want to achieve is, when a Plugin activity is started (such as our PortSIP video conference plugin), the Plugin activity layout will be added to the Linear Layout created by Cordova initially

If we are able to achieve the same, as shown above, we will be able to squeeze the existing cordova web view and hence show both the native view of a Cordova Plugin and the Cordova Web view, all integrated in a single page.