Samsung Galaxy S5 — Sudden Death

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Apr 10, 2015, 2:34:20 AM via Website

I meet a sudden death when using samsaung galaxy S5.After using about 5mins,my phone is switching off itself & sometimes it makes sudden death when calling with my contacts.At that time,no button can't be used to switch on.So,removing back cover & battery then fix the battery again.By this way,my phone can be switched on.

I really want to know,why this case is happening? Tell me coz of apk or version.

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Apr 10, 2015, 8:30:10 AM via Website

Sudden death is a too dramatic name, if you can restart the phone. It's used for a damage on mainboard. Btw, how do you restart?
Generally: backup your data & do a factory reset. If it doesn't help, install your ROM & kernel after full wipe. If this doesn't help, send it to service center.

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Apr 16, 2015, 1:15:27 AM via Website

Thanks for your answer.But,that's not actually enough.So,may I ask you again by telling my problem as much as i can tell fully.

1-My phone(samsaung galaxy S5) sometimes turns off itself when I making screen off.

2-At this situation,I can't turn on my phone by pressing the power button & other buttons like (home button,volume button).

3-Thus,I remove back cover & battery of my phone.And then,fit the battery & back cover.

4-So,I can turn on again my phone by pressing power button.

(I bought my phone about one month from samsaung showroom.That case happened in 2days.)

Why that case(my phone is turned off itself) is happen?

From your advicing,making backup my data & factory reset doesn't sovle my problems.But,I dont' know how to install ROM & kernel.

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Apr 23, 2015, 6:25:28 PM via Website

Sorry for delay: I was offline for several days.

  1. Try to start your phone by pressing only power-button for a few seconds, until the Samsung-logo appears (from bootloader). More comfortable than removing battery.

  2. I suppose you didn't root your phone and run firmware. Then download your actual version from and flash it with Odin. Afterwards factory reset.

  3. If it freezes again, bring it back. It's definitely a guarantee-item then.

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