Request to link Android app to WebSite

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Apr 2, 2015, 6:42:34 PM via Website

I have this message from The Google Play Team in my Webmaster Tools Dashboard/Messages ...

Google Play: Your link request has been sent Mar 18, 2015
Dear developer of com.webs.mdawdy.HTMLSpy,
Your request to link Android application com.webs.mdawdy.HTMLSpy has been sent to the webmaster of You will be notified again when it is approved.
The Google Play Team

I have been trying for more than a week now to find out anything about this message ...
At Google Webmaster i was told it is a Google Play problem since that is where the message originated and that i should go there.
At Google Play there is no forum for developers; none of the info and FAQs relate to this topic
Nothing on this topic in the help forums at freewebs
The general Google search turned up info about links between lots of things but not developer apps and websites
At Android Central they said it is a user forum not developers, suggested xda
No response at xda after 25+ views

I am hoping i might finally find a person who has seen this message before. I have not received any notification of approval or any other way to deal with this message.

Any help appreciated,

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