[FREE APP] [Caller Name Announcer], Helps you while you are busy in some stuff like driving or cooking. it will announce the caller name as well as it will read the content of incoming message,

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Mar 18, 2015, 7:13:03 AM via Website

Caller Name announcer or Caller Name ringtone
Ever wondered if there is a way to know who is calling while you are driving and the Phone is in your pocket? Or who send you SMS while you are in another room and received an SMS?. - Simply Speaks Everything
Caller Name Speaker speaks out the Incoming caller name and SMS sender name so that you can identify who is calling without looking into your phone. It can even read the SMS content for you. And the best thing is, it is totally FREE. Caller Name Announcer uses the built-in Android text-to-speech engine to voice the caller or SMS Sender ID. This program will not work if your phone doesn’t have text-to-speech data installed in your phone. No need to worry about that! You can download from Google play/app store and it will install text-to-speech data into your phone if your phone doesn’t have it pre-installed.
Call Name Announcer Announces:
- Caller Name if exist in contacts.
- Caller Number if Name not exist in contacts.
- Speaks SMS Sender Name
- Speaks SMS Content
• One Tap to Caller Name Announcer to Disable/Enable Call and SMS Announcing feature.
• Caller Name Talker speaks out the caller name from Contact, it Voices the caller id over your existing ringtone.
• Enable / disable caller name or number
• Enable / disable SMS sender name or number
• Enable / disable SMS content
• Speaks Number, if caller name not found in the contact list.
• Announce SMS Sender name while receiving an SMS.
• Read SMS content.
• Volume setting
• Text To Speech Setting
• Ringtone Setting

For this app any one can visit us on, https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=art.caller.name.announcer.ringtone