Pop up home screen ads???

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Feb 19, 2015, 8:38:59 AM via Website

About a week ago I started to get ads in my notification bar on my HTC desire 510. I thought that was weird and i flicked them away. The came back about twice a day. Then a couple of days ago it started to come up with pop up ads when i opened up my phone and i was still of my home screen! It would go away only when I pressed the 'X' in the corner, like the ones you see inside apps. Now I have started to get video pop up ads about twice a day! Whenever these pop up I get so angry as I fear it's going to get worse. I installed the app 'AdWare' that finds out which apps I have that have ads in them, I deleted a few of the apps it said but the ads still keep popping up. All I want is to find out which of my apps is displaying these forsaken ads and i'll no doubt give it a 1 star review.
Help will be highly appreciated.

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Feb 29, 2016, 3:49:26 PM via Website

Am replying to this post after exactly an year, i wanted to reply cus i had a similar problem and i didn't find much help anywhere, so here's what i did to fix the issue , hope it helps someone.
First go to your file explorer, then go to 'android folder' > 'data folder' , this folder contains all the files related to the ads which you get, i duno how it gets there , but anyways, i deleted all the files in this folder and thats it. I stopped getting those ads on my homescreen. Hope i helped☺