Google Nexus 4 — Recent update to lollipop 5.0.1 from kitkat on my Nexus 4

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Feb 13, 2015, 1:24:33 AM via Website

After a few months of trying to ignore the continual popups to update to Lollipop on my Nexus 4, I finally broke down and did so. I am very disappointed, and wish I had not. This forum appears to be supportive of un-tech-savvy people like myself, so I'm hoping one of your members might gently advise me of how to deal with the issues that have arisen since the update and/or where to go for understandable information/instruction. My recent attempts at research on the web have been more confusing that anything else, telling me everything from waiting for google to provide updates and bug fixes (which seem to be many and much needed) all the way up to doing a factory reset of my phone :( I sincerely do not want to lose all the information, contacts and schedules contained on my phone.

The following are a few of the issues I have experienced since the "upgrade" to lollipop. Sorry if they are long winded.

The first issue which came to my immediate notice was Google's removal of the Photo gallery :( I use this feature all the time, as it is simple and immediate, I do not wish to sign into Google + just to see my photos (partly because Google + takes liberties with my photos and information, such as making (and sending!) photo albums for me that I do not want or need, and what a convoluted PITA it was to get this feature turned off) Sorry for the rant, but it seems I'm not alone.

Back to Photo Gallery: I tried to download the previous kitkat version of gallery from the google play store (Gallery KitKat: Nexus Gallery) as advised in some of the articles and posts I read, but the app will not install. Error shows as "ERROR unknown error code during application installation: "-505" " Some of the posts I read said this error is due to conflicting permissions, though I cannot seem to find where or what these might be. I have a photo as my wallpaper that I took prior to the Lollipop update, could this photo be the issue?

Second issue was the bloated reworking of the calendar, making it obnoxious and totally unusable to me. I was able to install a version of the old calendar which is missing a couple of the previous kitkat features, but it does the trick.

Thirdly, the phone application has been changed and is much less functional for me; among other things, call history no longer displays the telephone numbers of my callers, I have to go through the myriad steps of accessing Contacts and then searching or scrolling through to find the numbers. That is providing the caller is even IN my contacts. And also, in at least one instance that I am aware of, a caller, whose name and number is in my contacts list, did not even display as an incoming call in call history (tho' she did leave a message on my voicemail, and there was a pop-up notification indicating a new voicemail message that appeared on my phone nearly 3 hours after she left it, Details from my carrier's voicemail options told me the message had been left at 9:15 this morning. Oh, and I noticed that the o/s deleted my 'contacts' icon. Why would it do that???)

I guess this lag time issue applies to both telephone notifications and new gmail. Gmail no longer has a "refresh" setting, and the swipe motion to check for new emails does not consistently work. I have found there to be a lag time of as much as 12 hours between when gmail's 'details' say the email was sent to me and when I actually receive it.

I'm sure many of you must be thinking, "What a whiner!". But honestly, since this lollipop "upgrade" 2 weeks ago, it seems like not a day goes by without some new and wonderful problem happening. I would love nothing better that to go back to the last kitkat operating system, and be done with all this nonsense.

Thank you for reading what has turned out to be a long tirade, It seems my frustration has been increasing exponentially! Anyhow, I would really appreciate any suggestions members might have about this o/s and/or any tips for addressing these issues.

Again, many thanks,

Pam (a bewildered Nexus user)