[FREE] June, the simple and effective calendar application

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Dec 3, 2014, 2:44:09 AM via Website


As for any type of application also the calendar app is becoming more and more sophisticated with ever expanding possibilities and features. Nowadays the developments are racing by so fast, that it is hard to keep track of an application’s originally intended purpose.
When it comes to calendar applications and you are looking for an app which is just that: a calendar and nothing more, I would recommend you the calendar app called June.

June is a calendar application that keeps it simple. No ads, no fancy features or high-tech integration with other apps or platforms, but just a calendar app which helps you keep track of the date and can help you with a couple of other small tasks.
The application looks quite similar to Google Calendar (which is not a bad thing) and works in an intuitive way that feels similar to Google’s approach when regarding the user friendliness of its platforms and devices. Because of its simplicity and the lack of enhanced features, the application feels refreshingly organized. For example, when pressing a date on the calendar, the only thing(s) you see in the pop-up screen displaying your options, are potential appointments that have been planned on that day and/or the possibility to create a new appointment. That’s it. Should you want to change or delete an already planned appointment, you simply swipe the appointment to the left and you can view the “edit” and “delete” button. It’s a simple and intuitive way of saving screen space but still having these options available with a mere flick of the finger.

Another thing which I like about June is that the applications basically revolves around two things: keeping track of the date and appointments, and organizing memos and tasks. One could argue that these are actually the main reasons people ever started using calendars in the first place.
The result is that you don’t have to feel lost anymore in the endless amounts of possibilities that applications are increasingly offering its users. You can use the application for its two most important intended uses and nothing more.

If you are tired of all the fancy calendar applications that offer hundreds of features to make your life easier but actually make it less clear, there is a big chance you are going to like June. June keeps it simple and does this in a practical and intuitive way.