Problems with Lenovo P780

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Nov 20, 2014, 12:26:10 AM via App

I bought this Lenovo P780 Indian version. After sometime using it I thought of rooting it as I read a lot about getting root access to an Android device.
So what I actually did is that I installed this application called Framaroot v1.7.1 on my device which kinda' rooted it temporarily. Idk exactly for how long but it gave me root access. And then I got this app called ADAWAY. After doing all this I installed 'Rom Toolbox pro' and 'Lucky Patcher' & 'Busy Box' and gave them root access. Everything was going just fine untill I ended screwing it by installing this app called 'Beats audio'.
I actually got the app 'beats audio installer' and tried installing it. It wasn't happening. Then I noticed there is an option saying install as system app. And I did exactly that and it asked for a reboot and I clicked OK.
Now it went in some kind of bootloop. But I don't think it was an exact bootloop Condition coz the phone was waking up going beyond Boot logo upto APP drawer. But after sometime it kept going back in same condition. Nothing was accessible. No dialer, msgs, Internet, Bluetooth, WiFi nothing. So it was some sort of bootloop. So I did some research and did the Hard reset.
Well see now everything is fine except for one thing.
Whenever I try to run some game or try to run some music player app with inbuilt equalizer it pops up a msg saying 'Process system not responding' also I can't update the basic music app coz if I do that then the next version consists equalizer in it.
So it's kinda big problem for me. I know that app 'beats audio kinda screwed my system, but can anyone out there have a solution to this problem?
Also now when I check it with root Checker it says not fully rooted.
I will be truly thankful to you guys..