[★New ★Android Game] - ★ Air Run: Snappy Plane ★

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Air Run: Snappy Plane is a 2D flying game with elegant graphics. Your goal is to overcome the obstacles and survive by choosing one of the 10 different planes. During the game, you can explode your enemies, destroy by Rocket item or get rid of them by hitting with Shield item. You can upgrade your powerup items, buy new items, unlock new planes and scenes wtih the coins you collected in the game. You can challenge to the worldwide users by Google Play Game Services support.
✔ Elegant 2D graphics
✔ Shopping from Store
✔ Easy, fluent, realistic flying controls
✔ 2 types of in-game controls: With Button, By Tapping
✔ 10 diffent planes to be used
✔ 4 different scenes to be selected: Snowy Mountains, Green Hils, Egyptian Pyramids, Dark City
✔ 3 different types of in-game item to be used: Powerup items, To-be-avoided Items, Suprise Items
✔ 7 different powerup items: Health, Shield, Magnet, Bomb, Slow Motion, Turbo, Rocket
✔ 6 different to-be-avoided items: Rabbit, Snail, Up, Down, Death, Timed Death
✔ 2 different suprise items: Positive Suprise, Negative Suprise
✔ 5 different types of enemy: Moving Enemies, Stationary Enemies, Civil Baloons, Undestructible Enemies, Scene Ground
✔ Plane characterictics: Health, Handling, Speed, Capacity
✔ Online Google Play scoreboard
✔ Detailed help menu
✔ Loading hints
✔ Earning free coins option
✔ 2 types of language support: English, Turkish

► You can easily play the game with either tapping option or direction buttons option.
► Tapping: You can fly your plane by tapping the screen. If you tap the screen, your plane flies on and if you release tapping, your plane descends.
► Direction Buttons: You can fly your plane by using two direction buttons placed at the right bottom corner of the screen. If you press the up-direction button, your plane rises and if you the down-direction button, your plane descends. If you don’t press any button, your plane keeps going on its way with its velocity at the moment of latest button press.

★ Your travel distance during the game is counted and added to the score you did. So you can get higher scores by surviving longer and reaching farther distances.
★ You can get higher scores by unlocking faster planes and reaching farther distances with them.
★ Number of enemies you sent away by hitting them while Shield or Turbo item is activated during the game is counted and added to the score you did. So you can get higher scores by hitting and sending away more enemies.
★ Number of enemies you destroyed with Rocket or Bomb item during the game is counted and added to the score you did. So you can get higher scores by destroying more enemies with these items.

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