Which of the online Low Cost App Builder Websites Have Most Functionality?

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Nov 8, 2014, 8:00:56 PM via Website

I'm curious which of the drag and drop type App Builders have the most functionality for something like string handling.
Is there some kind of object that will allow something like a "mail merge" text substitution
from one database into a text editor? What about an editor with an Edit type menu of
Copy, Paste, etc.?

I've been a programmer in C++ and Java for a long time but have gotten into other
fields and so not into the learning curve right now. I'd rather start with something that
looks good, and hopefully I can find something that adds the kind of functionality I'm
looking for.

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Nov 10, 2014, 12:30:04 PM via Website

Hey Robert,

I have been browsing these forums for a bit and came across this forum post: https://www.nextpit.com/forum/605349/best-developer-tools-for-android

I have been looking through some of them and I think this one suits you best: Buzztouch even though I know you're not much in the learning curve.

Mostly because you can download your project, edit the way you like the app to be and compile it yourself. Works the same if you wish to create an iOS app. The second URL in my post links to the page of Buzztouch on how it works. Also they have videos that helps you out creating an app but I don't think that'd be much of a problem anyway because of your experience in Java. Unlike many other drag and drop app builders, you can compile with this one which is really great because you can edit the app to your expectations. Searching for specific and advanced features that are uncommon will be hard to find in a drag and drop app builder. Most drag and drop app builders are similar to each other.

If you wish to find another drag and drop builder, https://www.nextpit.com/forum/605349/best-developer-tools-for-android, you will find many of them here.

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