My LG G2 is so slow

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Oct 23, 2014, 9:47:05 AM via Website

Hi all, I´m new here and my name is David and i´m from Iceland, i got my LG G2 32gb in december last year and it has been running good untill about a month ago. it started running slower and slower, i have a few apps but i have alot of free space and even when i kill all tasks and open facebook app it runs so slow, also the battery does not last nearly as much as it used to, my wife also has G2 32Gb and even bought on the same day (just other colour) and she is playing games in her phone (i don´t play a single game btw) and her battery lasts longer and her phone is alot quicker.
Any ideas?? whould you reccomend a factory reset?? and is so how can i prevent loosing all my stuff and get it back??
Thanks a million

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Oct 25, 2014, 8:07:20 PM via Website

My G2 is almost like yours age old. But its still fast and i can almost play anything (except some tegra games)
And i have full of stuff in it (50 games 50 apps 2000 books 100 music and only 1 Gb left on my 32 Gb device.)

What you can do?
You can do factory reset but before do it, you can use google backup and for the photos and stuff you can copy them to your personal dropbox
. for your appz, you have to install them one by one. But i totally recommend wondershare mobilego or syncdroid apps to back your all shit up to your pc so you can even restore all your paid and free apps at once. It automatically install them from pc. (Via usb debugging)